More emphasis on epidemic prevention in pension and child welfare institutions

The Ministry of Civil Affairs recently held a national video conference on the prevention and control of epidemic situation in winter and spring in the field of elderly care services and child welfare, requiring elderly care institutions and child welfare institutions to suspend visits and implement closed management. < / P > < p > the meeting required that the elderly care institutions in provinces without epidemic situation should improve the protection level and strengthen the access control. The elderly care institutions in epidemic provinces should implement the strictest closed management, and do a good job in the service guarantee during the closed management. It is necessary to solve the daily medical problems of the elderly and children in the hospital, coordinate the establishment of green channels for the elderly and children’s welfare institutions, and coordinate the health and disease control departments to dispatch mobile medical teams to carry out medical investigation and treatment guidance, so as to avoid cross infection caused by going out for medical treatment. < / P > < p > the meeting requested that community day care centers and rural mutual welfare homes should suspend the cluster services. The dining tables and canteens for the elderly in the provinces without epidemic situation should be suspended, and reservation service can be provided under the condition of ensuring the safety of epidemic prevention and control. The elderly dining tables and canteens in epidemic provinces should stop eating. We will do our best to prevent and control the epidemic situation of the elderly and children with special difficulties at home, and actively organize and provide medical assistance, meal delivery, purchasing and life care services.