Minister of economy and trade of Lebanon: enough flour for 4 months

Beirut, August 12 – Raoul Nimai, Minister of economy and trade of Lebanon’s caretaker government, said on August 12 that Lebanon is not facing the crisis of flour shortage, and the flour reserves are sufficient to supply for four months. < / P > < p > Nimai posted a message on social media twitter that day, saying that Lebanon’s flour mills currently store 32000 tons of flour, and another 110000 tons of flour have been or will be transported to Lebanon in the next two weeks. In addition, the world food program will provide the first 17000 tons of flour aid to Lebanon. According to Nimai, the monthly consumption of flour in Lebanon is 35000 tons. In a previous report, the United Nations Office for the coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said that the world food program will provide a total of 50000 tons of flour to Lebanon to help stabilize the country’s supply and ensure that there will be no food shortage. < p > < p > a violent explosion occurred in the port area of Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, on the evening of April 4, resulting in the destruction of Lebanon’s main wheat storage granary. The latest figures released by Lebanon’s Ministry of health on the 11th show that 171 people were killed, more than 6000 injured and another 340 missing. The explosion also left about 300000 people homeless.