MG5 EV launched in UK

MG5 ev (domestic Roewe ei5) plans to sell pure electric MG5 EV and new plug-in hybrid mg HS in October 2020. < / P > < p > the MG5 EV starts at 24000 pounds (about 200000 yuan) in the UK, carries a battery pack with a capacity of 52.2 kwh, has a wltp range of 344 km, the official zero 100 acceleration time is about 8 seconds, and the maximum power of the motor is 115 kW. In terms of configuration, the new car also supports Carplay’s 8-inch central control screen, 6-speaker sound system, panoramic roof, active and passive safety system, side air curtain, 7-inch full LCD instrument, keyless entry / start, remote start, three driving modes, front seat heating, etc.