Mercedes Benz’s new gle sedan SUV sold for 7888-917800 yuan, specially for 2.5t power

On September 11, Mercedes Benz released the new gle sedan SUV model, with a price of 788800-917800 yuan, and four models were launched. In terms of power, 350 and 450 models have been launched. 350 model is equipped with 2.0T engine, while 450 model is equipped with 2.5t engine specially for domestic market. < / P > < p > the new gle sedan SUV is 4955mm long and 2018 mm wide, which is 64mm longer and 15mm wider than the current model. The wheelbase has been increased by 20 mm to 2935 mm, 60 mm shorter than the current gle SUV, thus enhancing the handling and appearance of its sporty style. This body proportion also highlights the dynamic of the new gle sedan SUV. < / P > < p > the front face combines the style of Mercedes Benz SUV family and the distinctive features of coupe. The trapezoidal flashing grille decorated with single decorative strip originates from Mercedes Benz’s car running models, while the hollowed out trim strips and high gloss chrome plated underbody panels reflect the SUV characteristics. AMG body style components further enhance the sportiness of the front face. The optional geometric multi beam LED headlamp, each headlamp has 84 independent light sources, can continuously calculate the ideal light source according to the external environment, and provide all-round accurate lighting. < / P > < p > the more inclined front windshield not only makes the new gle sedan SUV look more dynamic, but also perfectly connects with the swept back smooth roof line, showing more elegant style. The new gle 450 4matic SUV is also equipped with aluminum side pedals with rubber studs and lighting as standard. The rear part of the car is more dynamic. The wide shoulder under the C-pillar extends from the rear of the door to the tail lamp, and together with the canard tail wing, it gives the brand-new gle sedan SUV a strong sense of readiness. The split tail lamp increases the lateral visual width of the rear of the vehicle, and the lamp group with backlight edge lighting has high recognition in the daytime and at night. < / P > < p > the interior of the new gle sedan SUV has many common features with other members of the new generation Mercedes Benz luxury SUV, and emphasizes the sports style. The modern cockpit features a dual 12.3-inch high-definition display and a distinctive dashboard, which is layered with horizontal trim and seamlessly integrated into the door trim panel. In terms of power, the new gle 450 4matic sedan SUV is equipped with a new 2.5t in-line 6-cylinder engine with 48 V ISG intelligent motor system. It has 270 kW output power and 500 N · m peak torque. The intelligent motor can output additional 250 n · m torque and 16 kW power in a short time. The acceleration time from 0 to 100 km / h only takes 5.9 seconds, and the comprehensive fuel consumption per 100 km is 8.9 L.