Mercedes Benz will launch the vision eqxx prototype with a range of more than 1200 km

Recently, Mercedes Benz released a preview called vision eqxx. It is reported that the car will be used as a prototype integrating the latest and cutting-edge technology of EQ family, and it will have a driving range of more than 1200km. < / P > < p > according to the preview, this prototype car is named Mercedes vision eqxx. Although the official has not released any vehicle information at present, according to the project engineer, in addition to improving the battery capacity, improving the aerodynamic efficiency is also the key to achieve ultra long driving range. So from the preview, we can see that the new car adopts a very aerodynamic body shape to achieve lower wind resistance and maximum efficiency. < / P > < p > the preview chart also shows us a major information point of new cars. The official suggests that the range of a new car with one-time saturated charging can support the new car from Stuttgart to nice or from Shanghai to Beijing, so the new car’s range will exceed 750 miles (about 1207 km).