Mercedes Benz EQS track test spy photo competitors lock in BMW i7

Recently, we obtained spy photos of the track test of Benz EQS pure electric luxury car from relevant channels. According to foreign media reports, the car is expected to be unveiled in 2021, and then it will be sold in early 2022, with a range of more than 700 km. Competitors are targeting the BMW i7. < / P > < p > through spy photos, we can see that Mercedes Benz EQS does not adopt the traditional three compartment model. The low C-pillar and short tail are typical sedan car designs. As the motor does not occupy too much space, its internal space performance should be excellent. Benz EQS will compete directly with BMW i7 and Audi’s e-tron GT in the field of high-end electric vehicles. The body of the prototype car is low and the roof line is smooth. You can see that the slim headlight design is adopted. Similar to the design of cash CLS. According to the previous disclosure, the new car will adopt the styling of EQS vision concept car. Its extended mileage of Mercedes Benz is more than 435 km (Mercedes Benz) < 435 km. Ola kallenius, Daimler's boss, also said the new model would "set a benchmark" in terms of luxury, comfort and safety.