Mercedes Benz EQC 4×4 prototype real vehicle exposure modeling domineering, with extreme off-road ability

A few days ago, overseas media exposed a group of pictures of Mercedes Benz eqc4x4 prototype. Based on EQC 400 4matic, the new car is equipped with a dual motor drive system. At the same time, the appearance details and configuration of the new car emphasize a lot on off-road properties. The official positioning of EQC 4×4 is “the first pure electric drive extreme off-road vehicle”. < / P > < p > the overall appearance of EQC 4×4 prototype maintains the design style of EQC, but it is obvious that compared with EQC, the size is wider and the ground clearance is higher, showing a more rigid visual effect. It is reported that the ground clearance of the new car is 153mm higher than that of the EQC, reaching 446mm, 58mm higher than that of the standard G-class. < / P > < p > and the new car is equipped with 20 inch off-road anti slip wheel and large rubber particle off-road tire, which also makes the new car be replaced with a wide body wheel arch with the overall width increased by 10cm, and the width of the whole car is increased by 200mm compared with EQC. In terms of power, EQC 4×4 is equipped with a dual motor drive system, which can provide 408bhp power and 562lbft torque. In addition, the new car is equipped with a portal suspension structure and seven driving modes.