Meng Wanzhou detained for more than 600 days Bai Yansong talks with Chinese ambassador to Canada

From last year to now, as long as Canada is mentioned, people immediately think of Meng Wanzhou. Today, Meng Wanzhou has been detained by Canada for more than 600 days. Recently, the Attorney General of Canada said that the conditions for Meng Wanzhou’s extradition to the United States have been met. < / P > < p > on December 1, 2018, when Chinese citizen Meng Wanzhou changed flights in Vancouver, Canada detained her unreasonably at the request of the United States. Now she has been on bail and has not yet been restored to freedom, which naturally aroused indignation. < / P > < p > the incident itself is a serious political event planned by the United States to suppress Huawei and other high-tech enterprises in China. But Canada started to arrest people, so the United States is the culprit and Canada is the accomplice. Canada has an unshirkable responsibility on this issue. < p > < p > we also constantly urge the Canadian government to recognize the situation, seriously reflect, correct mistakes, and release Ms. Meng Wanzhou as soon as possible. As for her state, she must have been under a lot of pressure, but she was still very strong. Some western media reports are not in line with the facts. In fact, it is a statement made by the Attorney General of Canada’s attorney general. In fact, it is also the view that he put forward from the very beginning as a prosecutor’s lawyer. Of course, we firmly oppose this. The issue of extradition is still a hypothetical one. If it happens, it will certainly have a very serious impact. The Chinese people are indignant at this because of its strong political and unjust nature. We also show him that the determination of the Chinese government to safeguard its own interests is unswerving. China is no longer a poor and weak China more than 100 years ago, and the world is no longer a world where the United States and the west can do whatever they want. < p > < p > from the very beginning of the Meng Wanzhou incident, some people in Canada pointed out that the incident itself was political and unjust, and actively worked to solve this problem. Recently, more and more rational people and insightful people in Canada have seen this. The documents disclosed by the Canadian court also show that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police believed that the arrest of Ms. Meng was highly political from the very beginning, so Canada not only saw this, but also made a voice of justice. Moreover, this view is cross party, and they call on the Canadian government to seriously reflect and not be used by the United States. The Canadian government should seriously listen to and reflect on what it has done in the Meng evening boat incident. In recent years, the U.S. government has been engaged in US priority and hegemonism abroad in recent years, and has always wielded the stick of sanctions. Moreover, sanctions not only target China and other countries, but also point to allies, and they also adopt a very hegemonic approach to the international system and order. Many people in Canada are strongly dissatisfied with all this. Although Canada is an ally and a close neighbor of the United States, they are not used to this practice. Many people say that the United States’ practice is the Cold War mentality and hegemonic mentality. They are worried that the United States will eventually impose the hegemonic mentality on itself. In fact, it has been very obvious in the event of Meng Wanzhou. There is another example. During the fight against the epidemic, the United States once threatened not to export N95 masks to Canada, so you can imagine how disgusted the Canadian people are. They think that the United States is unreliable at a critical moment. In addition, Canada is strongly dissatisfied with the United States’ wanton withdrawal from various multilateral organizations, including the recent announcement of its withdrawal from the World Health Organization. As a whole, Canada still believes in multilateralism, so they see the hegemonic mentality of the United States very clearly. This also fully illustrates a truth: “to gain justice, to help more, to lose justice, to help less.” This kind of behavior of the United States can be reflected in its allies, and many of them are intolerable. The Meng evening boat incident once again tells us that the two countries must abide by the principles of mutual respect and equal treatment if their relations are to develop. Now it is not what China has done wrong, but Canada has done wrong. Therefore, we have repeatedly asked Canada to correct its mistakes and make correct decisions. < p > < p > Canada has to make its own judgment. After all, Huawei has a good cooperative relationship with Canada, and has invested a lot of energy over the years, including building 4G for remote rural areas, which is welcomed by many people. Canada should be free from the pressure and interference of the United States, and make the right decision from its own current and long-term interests. Only in this way can we increase the confidence of Chinese investors in Canada and maintain the independent international image of Canada. The Canadian people still have the spirit of self-determination, including the war in Iraq launched by the United States in 2003. Canada explicitly refused to participate in military operations without the authorization of the United Nations. Canada has always considered that it violates international law when the United States imposes sanctions on Cuba. As early as 1970, the leaders of China and Canada made a correct decision and established diplomatic relations, which was actually earlier than US President Nixon’s visit to China. This shows that Canada once had the political wisdom and courage to break through third-party resistance and develop relations with China. Canada should uphold its own traditions. < / P > < p > we held a lot of academic forums, including video links, to convey the greetings of the party and the state to them in a timely manner, so as to relieve their tension. Some time ago, according to the domestic deployment, we delivered the health kits and epidemic prevention materials distributed in China to the overseas students in time, so that they can at least have sufficient reserves of epidemic prevention materials and relieve their pressure. In addition, we have prepared a hot line platform for psychological support. As the epidemic continues, many overseas students are under some pressure. In this regard, we have also established a platform to ask local Chinese psychological experts to provide them with psychological support. Ambassador Cong Peiwu said that it is understandable to worry about whether or not to go back to Canada to study after the beginning of the autumn school year, but there is no need to worry too much. According to the Canadian government, online teaching is still the main mode of school in autumn. Unless the school has special requirements, you can go back to campus in no hurry.