Medical society and medical Road

The volunteer service department of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics has been established for seven years. With the release of the “action plan for further improvement of medical services”, it is clearly pointed out that it is necessary to establish a medical social work and volunteer system, medical institutions should set up medical social work posts, and qualified tertiary hospitals can set up medical social work departments with full-time medical social workers to help carry out doctor-patient communication and provide services Patient support service, the work of medical and social workers in the first children’s hospital has entered a “accelerated period”. At present, medical social work has covered 18 clinical departments, serving more than 10000 children each year. Liu Zhongxun, Secretary of the CPC Committee of the Capital Institute of Pediatrics, said, “on the basis of exploring the Trinity development mode of professionalization, professionalization and socialization of medical social work, we have carried out role orientation for medical social workers, assisted children and parents in solving psychological and social problems caused by diseases, and provided services such as emotional counseling, medical assistance and medical assistance Children’s hospital with temperature should build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship When Qiao Zhen, a medical social worker, saw Xing Yu for the first time, he curled up in the corner of the hospital bed and kept shouting, “Mom, I’m in pain. I can’t stand it.” then he tore at his trousers, and the hole in his trousers became bigger. “Look at the children in this room. As long as you are old, you can’t stop crying.” her mother frowned and turned her face to the other side. < p > < p > Xingyu, 12 years old, is a sunshine type boy with excellent character and learning. However, after he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, he became irritable and resistant to treatment after long and painful treatment, which seriously affected the diagnosis and treatment effect. Parents and medical staff felt helpless, so he invited Qiao Zhen, a medical social worker, to help him think of a way. Qiao Fu thinks that the problem is not so simple. In addition to Xingyu’s strong emotional reaction to the treatment, the communication between mother and son is not smooth. After staying in the ward for a day, Qiao Zhen assessed the psychological pressure and parent-child relationship between Xingyu and his parents. He planned to establish a professional service relationship from his interests, hobbies and studies, focusing on alleviating Xingyu’s tension and anxiety, and then guiding the mother and son’s communication behavior, so as to improve the parent-child relationship. < / P > < p > he downloaded the Naruto game and asked Xingyu to “ask modestly” how to upgrade; he borrowed a set of “Harry Potter” to read clock in and exchange experience with Xingyu; the two people not only communicated on wechat, but also met with “voice therapy” every day. Qiao Zhen patiently urged parents to “not compare with other children, give Star Yu enough respect, especially during the chemotherapy period, to patiently relieve children’s anxiety and pressure”, and helped to contact a cheap, clean and sanitary daily rental room near the hospital, which relieved the family’s economic pressure. After six weeks of case service, Xingyu’s condition has improved significantly, and she can actively cooperate with the follow-up treatment. All kinds of pressure of parents have been greatly relieved, and Qiao Fu has also gained a full sense of achievement. “Xingyu has changed his pants, and the” void “in his and his mother’s hearts has been filled and leveled by us bit by bit.”. According to Yang Xuejing, director of the volunteer service department, “medical social workers find service cases in need through participating in ward rounds and referral of medical staff. After professional evaluation, they provide personalized services. At present, 36 cases have been completed and more than 1100 cases have been rescued.” < / P > < p > to help children and parents to solve the problems of panic about the disease and discomfort to the hospital environment, in addition to case services, we also set up various forms of social work group services, such as the treatment group for children, the growth companion group, and the psychological decompression group for parents. From 2019 to now, we have carried out group service for more than 10 periods. These activities have eased children’s emotions, promoted their adaptation to the disease, and enhanced their confidence in overcoming the disease. After participating in the activity, a parent said with deep feeling: “medical social workers add a bright color to the boring hospitalization life of their children.”. In May this year, Ziyang, who was more than one year old, had poor treatment effect in the local hospital because of repeated pneumonia. He was sent to the respiratory medicine department of the first child’s Hospital for treatment. He thought that he would be discharged after a period of time. However, the doctor in charge said, “judging from the medical history and test results, the child has a natural predisposition to double aortic arch, patent foramen ovale and tracheal stenosis. It is suggested that the treatment should be carried out after the pneumonia is cured Heart disease correction surgery Hearing this, Ziyang’s father felt cold to the bottom of his feet. “Since the baby was born, he has been sick all the time, and the intermittent treatment has already spent all the savings in the family. He can only find relatives and friends to help him with the operation expenses.”. After learning about this situation, Meng Bing, the attending physician of cardiac surgery, informed parents that if they met the requirements, they could apply for a special fund. He also explained in detail the online application method to help prepare various application materials. After docking and approval by the volunteer service department, Meng Bing successfully applied for a subsidy of 20000 yuan. After two days of hospitalization, P < 40. After the discharge procedures, Ziyang's father went to Meng Bing: "I spent more than 130000 in hospital. I calculated when I could pay off this large sum of money. After settling the account, I knew that most of the social security in my hometown could be reimbursed. With the 20000 fund you applied for, I paid 20000 by myself. I felt relaxed at once. Thank you very much, Dr. Meng!" < p > < p > since its establishment in 2013, the volunteer service department has cooperated with more than 20 charitable organizations such as the Red Cross Foundation of China, Aiyou charity foundation, etc., providing various degrees of support to more than 100 diseases such as leukemia, congenital birth defects, and congenital heart diseases. Up to now, 1100 children have been supported, with a subsidy amount of more than 38 million yuan. Like Ziyang, there are not a few cases of “fund rescue”, which is closely related to the improvement of China’s social security system and the improvement of people’s income level. The medical assistance for children with serious illness has gradually changed from “saving lives” to “emergency”. < / P > < p > in addition, the volunteer service department, in cooperation with the children’s hope rescue foundation and Beijing concentric circle foundation, has established “small homes” around the hospital to provide temporary accommodation for families in need of medical treatment. More than 200 families have settled the urgent need of taking care of their children inconveniently and under great economic pressure by staying in “small homes”. They have also felt the concern of social welfare organizations and caring people, as well as the support of medical staff and patients. < / P > < p > in 2017, the volunteer service department implemented the management mode of “medical social workers + volunteers”, requiring medical social workers to design service posts, plan service projects, recruit volunteers, assist in project implementation, supervise service contents, timely discover problems and use professional methods to help solve them, which not only extends the connotation of voluntary service, but also improves volunteer service The professional and project level of service provides a new scheme for the management and development of voluntary service. Design and development of a number of “Tong” brand volunteer service projects, won the capital learn Lei Feng volunteer service gold medal project, capital learn Lei Feng volunteer service “five 100” best volunteer service project. < p > < p > in April 2017, the “warm heart disease volunteer service team” recruited more than 20 parents of children with hematologic diseases who had received social support and care. After on-the-job training, they provided self-service registration assistance, guidance of medical treatment location and promotion of medical reform policies in the outpatient hall. They not only showed their advantages in understanding the hospital layout and treatment process, but also helped others to give back to the society, It has a good social effect. Ms. Zhong is the only woman in the service team. When she signed up for volunteer service, her daughter was living in the laminar flow ward of the Department of Hematology. In order to make sure she arrived on time at 8 o’clock, she made breakfast in the morning and sent it to the ward. Then she volunteered at the outpatient service for two hours, and then rushed home to make lunch for her children. “Maybe because I have a bumpy medical experience, I can better understand the anxious mood of those parents who come to Beijing for medical treatment.” she answered patiently and carefully, and comforted her in a soft voice. Ms. Zhong’s service is like a little spring rain, moistening the hearts of parents of children. < / P > < p > in December 2017, it took the lead to establish the “volunteer service alliance to protect children’s health”, which led more than 20 caring units to participate in the protection of children’s health. At present, there are 1733 registered volunteers in Shouer’s Institute, with a total service time of 78678 hours, 90% of which come from Alliance units. In the hospital outpatient Hall of the self-service machine, warm harbor health station, operating room audio picture book reading area, ward held parent-child activities scene, there are “orange vest” enthusiastic service figure. Liu Zhongxun said, “after several years of exploration and practice, we deeply realize that medical social work is of great significance to improve medical services, enhance hospital humanities, and build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. The promulgation of the implementation opinions on the development of medical social work provides a favorable opportunity for the development of medical social work in Beijing and solves many development problems. In the next step, Shouer will conscientiously implement the document requirements, continue to promote medical humanities, improve medical services, and build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. Guided by the needs of children and parents, it will continue to expand the breadth and depth of medical social work, strive to improve the professional level of service, and protect the physical and mental health of children. ”