Medical social work pilot project launched in Beijing

Beijing Municipal Health Commission and other six departments jointly issued the implementation opinions on the development of medical social work. From this year, Beijing will carry out pilot medical social work, and plans to achieve full coverage of medical social work in medical institutions by 2025. On October 26, Gao Xiaojun, a first-class inspector and spokesman of Beijing Municipal Commission of health and health, introduced at the relevant media communication meeting that medical social work refers to the use of social work values and professional methods by social workers in the field of health and health to help patients and their families prevent, alleviate and solve emotional, psychological and social problems caused by diseases, and improve medical care Therapeutic effect, occupational activities to promote public health. In 2019, a comparative study of 15 medical institutions in Beijing and 23 units in other 4 provinces and cities found that the introduction of medical social work in the field of health and health is conducive to improving medical services, strengthening humanistic care, promoting doctor-patient communication, and building a harmonious doctor-patient relationship; it is conducive to the implementation of the concept of general health and promoting the transformation of medical and health service system from disease-centered to health-centered 。 < p > < p > < p > < p > the opinions clearly defined the service content, post setting, talent source, promotion channel, training direction and development guarantee mechanism of medical social work. All medical institutions are encouraged to allocate full-time medical social workers through social recruitment, Department Transfer and service purchase, and guide social volunteers and community workers to participate in medical social work through recruitment or project cooperation. Medical social work posts should be included in the scope of professional and technical post management. < p > < p > < p > the opinions put forward that in 2020, Beijing will carry out medical social work on a pilot basis in some general hospitals, pediatric, mental health, oncology, rehabilitation and other specialized hospitals and community health service centers; in 2022, it will be gradually promoted in the city’s medical and health institutions; in 2025, the city’s medical and social work will be fully covered.