Medical Association should carry out medical damage identification according to law

The National Health Commission recently issued the “notice on strengthening the management of medical damage identification”, emphasizing that the medical association should carry out medical damage identification according to law, do a good job in quality control, and establish an expert database according to the needs of medical damage identification. < p > < p > the notice pointed out that the expert database should set up a discipline group corresponding to the directory of medical damage identification discipline group, and the directory of discipline group should be formulated and maintained by the Chinese Medical Association. The recruitment of experts into the expert database is not restricted by the administrative region. Medical institutions shall recommend high-quality expert resources to the expert database and provide necessary support for the experts who enter the expert database to participate in the appraisal activities according to law. At the same time, the Medical Association and medical institutions should carefully sort out and analyze the problems reflected in the appraisal, and continuously improve the medical quality and safety. The notice also pointed out that the medical association should charge appraisal fees in accordance with the regulations on prevention and treatment of medical disputes. The charge management requirements shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities. If there are no provisions, it can be charged according to the charge standards of relevant appraisal items.