Medical and health institutions can enjoy preferential network charges

How to make good doctors accessible at the grassroots level? Recently, the Ministry of industry and information technology and the National Health Commission jointly issued the notice on Further Strengthening the capacity building of telemedicine network, requiring more than 98% of primary medical and health institutions to access the Internet by 2022. < p > < p > < p > the notice emphasizes that we should speed up the construction of high-quality Internet dedicated lines, data dedicated lines and virtual special lines, so as to realize the special line network resources covering all hospitals at or above the second level. Basic telecom enterprises continue to improve the network carrying capacity, and promote hospitals above county level to have gigabit network access capacity. Basic telecommunication enterprises are encouraged to offer preferential tariff for Internet broadband and special line access to medical and health institutions, especially grassroots medical and health institutions in poor areas. For medical and health institutions to provide the overall telemedicine center solution, to achieve the integration of telemedicine network, platform, hardware equipment.