Mazda skyactiv x compression ignition models will be launched tonight, including cx-30 onksera

This evening (September 16), the compression ignition version generation onksera / cx-30 will be officially launched. The compression ignition version retains the current Mazda soul 2.0 design language and has an ultra-high appearance. The interior is also consistent with the current model. < / P > < p > the biggest upgrade of the compression ignition model is in terms of power. It will be equipped with a 2.0 le-skyactiv x compression ignition engine, with a maximum power of 132kw / 180ps and a peak torque of 230nm. At the same time, the engine has the function of 24 V light mixing, the motor type is AC synchronous motor, the maximum output power is 4.8kw/6.5ps, and the peak torque is 61nm. Matching with 6-speed automatic manual transmission. < p > < p > Mazda has developed a new generation of skyactiv-x technology based on its accumulated technologies in gasoline skyactiv-g and diesel skyactiv-d in recent years, which combines the advantages of the two technologies with gasoline compression ignition technology. The “X” in skyactiv-x has the meaning of “crossover”, which marks the integration of skyactiv-g and skyactiv-d technologies. < / P > < p > this engine is the world’s first mass-produced compression ignition gasoline engine, and has achieved the technology of variable compression ratio. The mechanical compression ratio has reached 15:1, and the knock reduction effect has been improved on the basis of the previous skyactiv-g engine. In order to reduce the knock, the design of 4-2-1 exhaust has been changed to 4-1 exhaust design. < / P > < p > in addition, the advantages of X engine are more reflected in the driving performance (10% increase in torque) and fuel economy (10% – 20% increase in fuel consumption). There is no doubt that the arrival of skyactiv x is not only a symbol of Mazda’s persistent and unremitting pursuit, but also a great change in the history of internal combustion engines.