Mazda mx-30 light hybrid model officially launched, selling price about RMB 154000

Mazda’s new compact SUV mx-30 is officially released. It uses free-form doors without B-pillar and is equipped with e-skyactiv G light hybrid system. The starting price of two-wheel drive model is 2.42 million yen (about 154000 yuan), and that of four-wheel drive model is 2.6565 million yen (about 170000 yuan). < / P > < p > Mazda launched the mx-30 pure electric vehicle at the Tokyo Motor Show in 2019, and announced in July that it would add a light hybrid vehicle to the mx-30. This time it’s a light hybrid. The pure electric version is scheduled to be released in January 2021. < / P > < p > the body size of the mx-30 is 4395 x 1795 x 1550 mm (L x W x H), the wheelbase is 2655 mm, and the exterior adopts a specially designed door, which realizes the middle door structure. The maximum opening of the front door is 82 degrees, and the maximum opening of the rear door is 80 degrees. Its development takes into account the convenience of boarding and alighting as well as the loading and unloading of luggage. < / P > < p > Mazda mx-30 adopts the soul design language of Mazda Family, and has a unique body structure design. Mazda calls it “” which is a no B-pillar design similar to Mazda RX-8 in the past. The front and rear doors are split, maximizing the door space within the limited body size and providing a more convenient boarding and alighting experience. The elimination of the B-pillar also shows Mazda mx-30’s confidence in body rigidity. < / P > < p > in terms of power, the hybrid mx-30 is equipped with an electrified e-skyactiv power system. E-skyactiv is the general name of Mazda’s electrification technology. Through coordinated control of engine, motor, brake and generator, it “not only achieves high efficiency, but also achieves smooth dynamic performance”. The hybrid mx-30 is equipped with a direct injection gasoline engine, skyactiv-g 2.0, and M hybrid to form a powertrain. < / P > < p > the maximum output power of the gasoline engine of this system is 115KW (156hp), and the maximum torque is 199nm. The maximum output of the motor is 5.1kw (6.9hp) and the maximum torque is 49nm. According to wltc standard, the fuel consumption of two drive vehicle is about 6.4l per 100 km, and that of four-wheel drive vehicle is about 6.6l per 100 km. < / P > < p > in the interior part, the mx-30 adopts the suspended central control design, the compact shift mechanism and media space buttons are concentrated on the suspended central console, and the air conditioning panel and central screen adopt the touch design, which further saves space. < / P > < p > central control uses a lot of environmental protection materials made of cork. The cork material is also the heritage of Mazda brand. Mazda was founded in 1920, initially known as “Toyo Cork Industry Co., Ltd.”. < / P > < p > in addition, the mx-30, which uses free-form doors, uses the side decorative structure of the rear seats to create a rear space that looks like a surround leisure sofa. The rear compartment space of the mx-30 is about 400L, and the seats support 4 / 6 ratio down to expand the space. < / P > < p > in addition, the mx-30 also adopts a new gear shifting mechanism. On the new gear lever, D gear is at the end, R gear is at the front end, P gear is at the right side of the most forward gear, and the travel between gears is appropriate, which is very conducive to the driver’s operation. On the light hybrid vehicle, the steering wheel is also equipped with shift paddles, and the transmission is a 6at transmission. < / P > < p > at the same time, Mazda officially provides mx-30 with a variety of optional accessories, including roof rack, front and rear motion surround of body, and exclusive baby carriage that can be used as child safety seat. The mx-30 also offers Mazda Centennial models.