Mauritian prime minister says the pumping work of stranded cargo ship has ended

Port Louis, Antananarivo, August 13: Mauritian Prime Minister jagnath announced on August 12 that the pumping work for a Japanese cargo ship which was stranded in the southeast of Maotai and suffered from fuel leakage has ended. < / P > < p > jagnatt said at a news conference that he would continue to remove other pollutants from the hull to avoid secondary pollution to the environment. He pointed out that through the unremitting efforts of experts and volunteers from all over the country, the oil spill did not affect the country’s Blue Bay and other nature reserves, and most of the birds and other animals whose habitats had been affected by the oil spill had been moved to safe areas. < / P > < p > the Japanese freighter named “ruochao” ran aground in the southeast waters of Mauritius on July 25, and the crew evacuated safely immediately. On August 6, the hull of the cargo ship cracked and a large amount of fuel leaked. According to local media reports, the cargo ship carried about 4000 tons of fuel oil, at least 1000 tons of fuel oil has leaked to the nearby waters.