Maradona died! Goodbye, pampas Eagle!

Argentina football superstar Diego Maradona died of cardiac arrest on November 25 at the age of 60, according to Argentina’s trumpet newspaper and other media reports. Previously, Maradona due to the detection of intracranial hematoma, this month 3 in a private expert clinic for emergency surgery, 11 discharged home to continue treatment. In the world cup, Maradona’s star light lit up the whole football world. In the quarter final match between Argentina and England, Maradona hit the ball into the door of England with his left hand, which was called “the hand of God”. In the Falklands war a few years ago, Argentina suffered losses, but Maradona achieved “revenge” on the court. In that competition, Argentina finally won the world cup, and Maradona dedicated a great personal performance, for a time, he became a national hero of Argentina. Many people have neglected that Maradona scored a century goal with five players in addition to the “hand of God” against England. This game is like a miniature of his life. On the one hand, his talent is amazing, on the other hand, he is controversial. In the 1990 World Cup in Italy, Maradona led Argentina to the final again, regretting the defeat of West Germany, and the road of defending the title was broken at the last moment. Argentines hope to return four years later, but in return for the “bad news” that Maradona was banned due to unqualified drug test on the eve of the 1994 World Cup in the United States. At that time, Maradona could not keep up with the growth of weight and off-site scandals. In 1997, Maradona officially retired.