Maple leaf’s first tramcar model “Maple Leaf 80V” appears, quickly changing electrolysis to resolve anxiety

A few days ago, e-Car learned from maple leaf automobile official that on September 16, at the electricity exchange mode conference of Geely technology group, maple leaf Auto’s first tram replacement model “Maple Leaf 80V” was publicly unveiled simultaneously. < p > < p > maple leaf 80V is a standard B-class MPV model with body dimensions of 4706x1909x1699mm and wheelbase of 2807mm. The overall appearance adopts a simple and atmospheric design style, with a high degree of identification. It is reported that the maple leaf 80V will have 362km and 500km endurance mileage models, and provide 5-seat and 6-seat configurations, which can fully meet various scenarios such as family, business and rental network. < / P > < p > it is reported that in addition to the maple leaf 80V, there will also be a number of brand-new vehicle models to be introduced to the market in the next two or three years. At that time, it will realize the comprehensive coverage of major cities, provinces and high-speed road networks throughout the country, so that the ultimate experience of power exchange mode can be introduced into the daily travel of consumers, and the energy supplement of new energy vehicles can be solved fundamentally The pain point.