Many scenic spots in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will be reopened with strict epidemic prevention measures

according to covid-19, August 12th, from August 15th, many tourist attractions in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, will be re opened to the public in compliance with the new crown health requirements. The reopened scenic spots include kolkova mountain train, sugar bread mountain cable car and ferris wheel “Rio star”. < / P > < p > SRC = photo by Mo Chengxiong, China News Agency SRC = data chart: Sao Paulo, Brazil, business restart and economic recovery. Customers shop for ice cream at an ice cream shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on August 9, local time. Photo by Mo Chengxiong, China News Agency / < / P > < p > data chart: business in Sao Paulo, Brazil has resumed and the economy has gradually recovered. Customers shop for ice cream at an ice cream shop in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on August 9, local time. According to Savio Nevis, President of kolkova mountain train operation company, the hygiene requirements are very strict, and many tourist places such as the Rio aquarium and tomorrow museum have adopted them. < / P > < p > Nevis said: “this is a complete health requirement, considering all aspects from the perspective of prevention. For example, wearing masks all the time; keeping social distance between the ticket office and the vehicle area to avoid crowding; measuring body temperature; placing alcohol gels at all key locations in the station. In general, this is a comprehensive requirement for all tourist sites in the city of Rio. ” < / P > < p > Nevis estimates that during the five-month suspension period from March 15 to August 15, the company lost about 40 million reais. “The company has not fired any employees,” he said. Some of them are in contract suspension, some are working less hours, but we keep everyone. Now we will come back with all our partners. ” < / P > < p > Sandro Fernandez, executive director of tangbaoshan cable car operation company, reminds everyone to pay attention to epidemic prevention measures, especially tourists themselves. The scenic spot encourages tourists to buy tickets through the official website, while face-to-face tickets only accept credit card payment. To avoid crowds, the cable car will resume operation with two-thirds of its capacity. < / P > < p > the large Ferris wheel “Rio star” will also be reopened on the 15th, with the operation requirements similar to those of the kolkova mountain train, so as to ensure the safety of tourists and employees. The number of people that each cabin can hold will be reduced from 8 to 4, and the operation will be resumed at the same level of 50%.