Many epidemic prevention hospitals in India charge more than 20 million rupees for treatment

At present, the epidemic situation in India continues to worsen, while the shortage of medical resources, there are also hospitals exposed to take advantage of the opportunity to “kill customers”. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the most serious disease in the country. Many private hospitals have been complained of heavy charges for new crown pneumonia patients, and they still stall back after being investigated. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a serious problem in the 17 private hospitals in the city of Maharashtra in India,

reported 24 times. After receiving a number of complaints from the public, the city organized a review team to investigate the hospitals. < / P > < p > the results showed that of the 4106 medical expenses from July to August 21, 1362 were overcharged, and the excess reached 18.2 million rupees. Moreover, after receiving the notice from the municipal government, these hospitals still did not return the extra fees in time, and they still owe the patients 14 million rupees.

in addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia has been suspended in July in a hospital in Tana, and is no longer designated as a new crown pneumonia designated institution. At present, the total number of confirmed cases in Maharashtra has reached 693398, with 22465 deaths. The number of confirmed cases in India has increased to 3167323, with a total of 58390 deaths.