Malian military releases former Prime Minister

Goita said in a statement released later on the 7th that the released people also included Moussa tinbinet, the former speaker of the national assembly, and eight military generals. In August, a group of government officials, including President Ibrahim bubacar keta and former Prime Minister Cisse, were detained after a military mutiny in Mali. Kata subsequently resigned from all posts, disbanded the national assembly and the government, and went abroad for medical treatment in September. The transitional president of Mali, Ba Endo, signed a presidential decree on September 29, appointing former Minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation mokta vanne as the transitional prime minister to be responsible for the formation of the transitional government. The mutiny by Malian soldiers was condemned by the western community, the United Nations, the African Union, the European Union and France. SADC adopted a number of sanctions against Mali, demanding the restoration of Keita’s presidency, and then asked the arms control authorities to transfer power to the civilian transitional government. Micro special manuscript