Malaysian man sentenced to five months in prison for violating home quarantine leading to multiple infections

Kuala Lumpur, novel coronavirus pneumonia, was not observed in August 13th when it returned to Malaysia from abroad. Instead, it appeared in several public places. It directly or indirectly led to the diagnosis of new crown pneumonia in at least 45 people in three states in Malaysia. Malaysia was sentenced to 5 months’ imprisonment on 13 days. < / P > < p > the 57 year old man named Muhammad was also fined 12000 ringgit. If he fails to pay the fine on time, his term of imprisonment will be extended. < / P > < p > the man is still in isolation at the hospital in arosta, Gita. Prosecutors went to the hospital and accused him of violating the Malaysian law on prevention and control of infectious diseases. After the man pleaded guilty, the court made the judgment.