Luxury parties are risky! Los Angeles will cut off water and power to serious illegal gathering places

August 7 according to the “Central News Agency” reported on the 7th, the U.S. television station in Los Angeles this week broadcast pictures, the city’s luxury houses crowded with large parties. Mayor jasxiti warned that if there is such a situation, water and electricity will be cut off. < / P > < p > the aerial shot of several TV stations captured on the 3rd that dozens of people gathered to hold a party in a mansion near Beverly Hills. It can be seen from the picture that no one keeps a safe distance and no one wears masks. < / P > < p > the party initially attracted police due to noise interference from neighbors. Later, the police came again, but one person died due to shooting. It was reported to be a gang rally. < p > < p > Los Angeles Mayor jasxite held an online meeting on the 5th, announcing strict law enforcement for such large-scale parties. Starting from July 7, the LAPD will inform the Los Angeles water and electricity bureau of serious violations of the party and shut down the water and electricity supply of the site within 48 hours. < p > < p > however, the chief epidemic prevention officer of Los Angeles County, Ferri, believes that it is “too reckless” to simply enforce the law to prevent such clustering. “I’m not against law enforcement, but during the epidemic, people have to feel that they are on the same front, not just law enforcement,” she said Despite the recent closure of many illegal businesses by the health authorities, Ferri stressed the importance of educating the public about the spread of the virus, and called for joint efforts to combat the epidemic. Since the first novel coronavirus pneumonia case in Losangeles County, which has a population of about 10 million, has infected more than 200 thousand people today, with 4869 deaths and 6 new cases confirmed by

since January 26th.