Life restricted area, active a civilian and military transport team

“Brothers, hurry up and try to send another batch of supplies for” jinzhumami “before dark.” On an autumn afternoon, in the territory of Ali Ritu County, Tibet, the militia are leading mules and horses along the slope of more than 5000 meters above sea level, and the horses are full of goods and materials. < p > < p > the shouting sonnanduoji is the director of the Foreign Affairs Office of hitu county. He can’t remember how many times he sent materials to the military training site of Xinjiang Military Region at an altitude of more than 5000 meters. Sweat slid down his black face, and sonandogi said, “we are honored to stick to the hard plateau and do something for them.” < p > < p > at the beginning of the delivery, sonandogi and dozens of militiamen suffered a lot. At the beginning, everyone was full of confidence, “climbing the mountain, which of us Tibetan kids didn’t grow up climbing the mountain.” The militia carried heavy supplies on their bodies and set off singing. However, with the increase of altitude, it is more and more difficult for us to walk. It is estimated that it will take less than 3 hours to arrive. After reaching the top of the mountain breathlessly, they saw the distressing appearance of the officers and soldiers of the Xinjiang Military Region: dark faces, chapped lips, and dead skin burned by ultraviolet rays on their necks. Since then, the militiamen have carried as much material as possible on the spot. As time went on, people’s backs were full of deep marks, and everything on their backs was painful. However, no one from the militia called it bitter. They said that the PLA on the mountain was more bitter than them. < / P > < p > sometimes there are accidents when transporting materials. Before the Mid Autumn Festival, a heavy snow came unexpectedly, and the mountain roads were covered with heavy snow. Sonan Doji was ahead of him, exploring the way with his memory. The mules and horses followed him. With the sound of “creaking and creaking” on the snow, they headed for the top of the mountain. The snow covered the road, and a horse and mule lost their hooves and rolled down the mountain because they stepped on the loose soil. The militiamen nimazren rushed down regardless of the situation and was held by sonandoji. “Don’t be impulsive. Go down the road just now.”. < / P > < p > “we never want to withdraw later. Even if there is only one PLA on the top of the mountain, we have to deliver the materials. They guard our safety, and we have a greater obligation to help them, because this is where we have lived for generations Said sonandogi.