Liaoning Research and development of nucleic acid detection information system

Recently, the General Command Office of epidemic prevention and control of Liaoning Province deployed the provincial health commission to set up a project to overcome the construction of emergency nucleic acid detection information system. After more than one month, the “Liaoning Province scene epidemic pathogen detection information system” has been completed and has been applied to the epidemic prevention and control in Dalian and Shenyang. < / P > < p > the system consists of three subsystems: specimen collection, specimen transportation and specimen detection. Through the mobile phone app pre installed by the staff, the ID card information of the collected person is identified, and it is bound with the prefabricated barcode specimen collection tube, transfer box and relevant laboratory, so as to realize the whole process informatization of identity information entry and query, specimen transfer and receiving, sample detection, etc. After the application of the system, the average time of nucleic acid detection from code scanning to collection is 20 seconds, the collection speed is more than three times higher than before, the medical staff required is reduced from 3-4 people in each group to 2 people in each group, and the average collection time of each group is more than 200 people per hour.