Lian Fengmei: strengthen scientific research of traditional Chinese medicine and contribute to global fight against epidemic situation

Beijing, Nov. 18, in the process of fighting the epidemic, Chinese medicine played an important role and became a bright spot to deal with the epidemic. From the novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosis and treatment program, Chinese patent medicines such as flower scars and Herba Xiang Qi are recommended many times, providing a method and strategy for clinical treatment. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in TCM treatment of what advantages? What role did Chinese patent medicines such as Lianhua Qingwen and Huoxiang Zhengqi play in fighting the epidemic? Recently, Lian Fengmei, doctoral supervisor of Guang’anmen Hospital, Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine, visited the “health lecture hall” of Xinhuanet and shared the above topics. At present, China has made phased achievements in fighting against the epidemic situation, but the global epidemic situation is still severe. Many experts judge that the epidemic situation may rebound in autumn and winter. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, what is the basis for this judgment?

TCM says that novel coronavirus pneumonia is exogenous, and this external cause is called evil. In general, it is more important to emphasize the evil. For the epidemic, the Xiaolin academy led the team to the front line. Through investigation, it was considered that the new crown pneumonia is “cold damp epidemic”, and “cold damp epidemic” has two characteristics, one is cold and the other two is wet. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a cold season because of the cold and wet season. So, I think that autumn and winter may rebound, so we must pay attention to it and not let down lightly. Novel coronavirus pneumonia novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in early 2020,

, has a great impact on China and the world. In the process of fighting the epidemic, Chinese medicine and integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine played an important role, and became a major highlight in coping with the epidemic. At present, the prevention and control of new crown and lung disease in China has entered normal. In the early stage of the outbreak, Chinese medicine was fully involved and deeply involved. Our team collected all novel coronavirus pneumonia data and collected the data collected from the front to find out the method, curative effect and characteristics of TCM treatment of new crown pneumonia. In fact, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is reflected in all aspects of the treatment process, but where is the specific embodiment? For example, in a community in Wuchang District of Wuhan City, we distributed tens of thousands of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules to suspected or diagnosed mild patients, “cold dampness epidemic prescription” is also called Wuhan “No.1 prescription”. Through data collection, it is found that the weight conversion rate of mild patients who have taken Wuhan “No.1 prescription” is very low, while there is a certain proportion of patients who do not take traditional Chinese medicine, and the difference is obvious. For novel coronavirus pneumonia patients novel coronavirus pneumonia, novel coronavirus pneumonia patients with severe and critical illness were analyzed. All the new crown pneumonia patients with severe and severe diseases treated in Wuhan Hospital of integrated traditional Chinese and Western medicine were analyzed. In addition, novel coronavirus pneumonia patients novel coronavirus pneumonia has been discharged after discharge. Although the cause of “restoring Yang” has not been studied clearly, we still do not want to have “relapse”. Therefore, the patients with newly diagnosed crown pneumonia who have cured and discharged from the hospital are taking the traditional Chinese Medicine for the consolidation of the disease, and the rate of relapse of the patients is reduced. The rate of recovery of the

is lower. Novel coronavirus pneumonia can play a significant role in treating all stages of new crown pneumonia. < p > < p > you recently published a paper entitled “efficacy of Huoxiang Zhengqi dropping pills and Lianhua Qingwen granules in the treatment of covid-19: a randomized controlled trial. Would you like to talk about the research background and conclusion? < p > < p > Lian Fengmei: our paper was published in the Journal of pharmacological research in the United States, and the impact factor of this journal was 5.893. The novel coronavirus pneumonia and Lianhua Qingwen, which are mentioned in this paper, are proprietary Chinese medicines in the guideline of the diagnosis and treatment of new crown pneumonia. The guidelines are experts’ consensus, but are there no evidence-based support? Given this consideration, our research theory is discussed from the perspective of “cold dampness epidemic”. Huoxiang Zhengqi is a medicine for eliminating dampness, and Lianhua Qingwen is used for fever, cold and cold, wind heat and cold, etc. these two drugs are very common both in clinic and in people’s cognition. Therefore, based on the theory of cold dampness disease and the characteristics of the two drugs, we designed this research project 。 < / P > < p > the study was divided into three groups, the first group was not using Huoxiang Zhengqi and Lianhua Qingwen; the second group was adding Lianhua Qingwen on the basis of basic medication; the third group was adding Lianhua Qingwen and Huoxiang Zhengqi on the basis of basic medication, and Huoxiang Zhengqi was the key point of eliminating dampness, which was the research background. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the first step in the

study. First, it is a look at whether the two Chinese patent medicines mentioned in the guidelines are effective. Second, we should see whether the theory of “cold damp epidemic” is correct. There are 292 cases in this study, and they are grouped according to the above three situations. The results of the three groups show that the improvement of the symptoms of patients with traditional Chinese medicine is very obvious, and the use rate of antibiotics is reduced. Without the addition of Chinese patent medicine, the weight conversion rate is 11.1%. With the addition of Chinese patent medicine, we find that the weight conversion rate of the second group with Lianhua Qingwen is 8.6%, on this basis, Huoxiang Zhengqi is added The weight conversion rate was further reduced to 1.6%.

research shows that novel coronavirus pneumonia has certain advantages in blocking the disease, and the best way to improve the prognosis is to add the best formula. Novel coronavirus pneumonia

Lian Fengmei: first of all, Lianhua Qingwen mentioned in the study is good at detoxification and clearing away heat, while Huxiang good Qi dripping pills are mainly dampness, which contains the ingredients such as Huxiang, Angelica dahurica and magnolia bark, etc. are all dampness clearing drugs. Besides, Huxiang has the effect of relieving dampness and dampness. Another obvious feature is that the body is in the middle of Qi and the middle. New crown pneumonia is a common disease in many patients. Huoxiang Zhengqi dripping pills contain Magnolia officinalis, which has a great effect on eliminating dampness in gastrointestinal tract; thirdly, Perilla frutescens, Angelica dahurica, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae and poria cocos contained in Huoxiang Zhengqi dropping pills have a good effect on eliminating dampness. < / P > < p > Second, Houpu in Huoxiang Zhengqi dropping pills has a great effect on eliminating dampness in gastrointestinal tract; third, Perilla frutescens, Angelica dahurica, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae, Poria cocos, etc. Novel coronavirus pneumonia has great advantages and benefits in improving the condition of the patients with new crown pneumonia. Our research also proves this. From the perspective of network pharmacology research, it is also found that some components in Huoxiang Zhengqi dropping pills also affect various pathological links of the formation of new coronavirus, and there are some effects on immunity and virus replication, but the specific pathway needs further study. < p > < p > Lian Fengmei: Huoxiang Zhengqi dropping pills have several advantages. The first choice is from the perspective of technology. It uses a special process to form a small drop pill. Second, it has the characteristics of relatively uniform dissolution and fast absorption. Third, it has stable quality. When we did the research, because the weather was wet and cold in front of us, many patients had uncomfortable performance. The dripping pills absorbed quickly and could quickly relieve the symptoms. Based on these characteristics, we chose Huoxiang Zhengqi dripping pills. In fact, the dropping pills are commonly used in clinical practice. Be taken by surprise,

novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak is relatively serious. We are a bit unprepared. The papers published in this study are randomized controlled clinical trials. The rest of the study is based on a less clinical cohort study. The level of evidence obtained by RCT is higher than that of the cohort, and the evidence obtained from cohort studies is based on the international evidence level. According to the level, it is slightly lower than that of RCT. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine has a lot of good curative effects, but the evidence we have got is not too much and not enough. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, it is more than that. Because of the good curative effect of traditional Chinese medicine, we should use more scientific data to explain to the world, screen out better and more suitable drugs, accurately find its particularly good ingredients, and serve the world The novel coronavirus pneumonia contributes to the strength of traditional Chinese medicine. I think this is what we Chinese medicine people are most concerned about.