Li Jide, a former comrade in arms of Huang Jiguang, participated in exchange activities in Shandong Armed Police Corps

October 16 “when he blocked the hole, I was less than 50 meters away from him! The enemy’s flares made the position as bright as the day, and he finished the heroic feat with his last effort Recalling the arduous battle 68 years ago, old man Li Jide, Huang Jiguang’s former comrade in arms, was excited and his voice was high. < p > < p > on the morning of 13th, Shandong Armed Police Corps held an interview activity on the theme of “pursuing red memory and feeling heroic spirit”. Li Jide, a former comrade in arms of Huang Jiguang, was invited to xinbingtuan to tell the story of their ancestors fighting bravely on the battlefield of resisting US aggression and aiding Korea. < / P > < p > “bow the front leg, push the back leg, keep your shoulders up, and send the knife tip forward! Kill! Kill! Kill Although he was 85 years old, the old man’s movements were still swift and powerful when he demonstrated the stabbing technique taught him by Huang Jiguang. < p > < p > < p > on the stage, the audience was fascinated. The old man used a sonorous and powerful voice to convey his feelings of fighting for his faith and maintaining a charging posture. The trembling military ceremony was branded in everyone’s heart. Looking back, heroes should smile and comfort, holding the flag has its own successors. “Hello, sir. I am the instructor of” Huang Jiguang company “. On behalf of the officers and soldiers of the company, I salute you!” A carefully arranged video connection, spanning a distance of nearly 1000 kilometers, a kind greeting and a standard military salute made the old man full of tears. < / P > < p > “the most important thing to inherit is to pass on, and to lose it is to be derelict of duty. Today, the baton of history has been passed on to our generation. We must inherit and carry forward the revolutionary heroism spirit of the heroes and martyrs, so as to live up to the glory of yesterday and the mission of today. ” Xiao Guangfu, political commissar of the general team, said. In the end, Li Jide, the old man, will take a solemn oath. “I swear: obey the leadership of China and serve the people wholeheartedly…”