Lexus LBX rendering exposure positioning luxury brand small SUV Market

Not long ago, we reported that Lexus registered the “LBX” trademark, indicating that Lexus may launch a small SUV based on Toyota Yaris cross. Today we see the rendering of this new car. < / P > < p > it is rumored that Lexus will launch a small SUV based on Toyota Yaris cross, which will be named BX and positioned lower than UX. If the prototype concept car of the new product takes the lead, LBX may be the name of the concept car. < / P > < p > Lexus LBX will be developed based on the tnga (ga-b) platform, and can determine that the body size is less than 4.5m, the width is less than 1.7m, and other parameters such as height and wheelbase are not known at present. < / P > < p > in terms of power, Yaris cross will be equipped with a hybrid system composed of 1.5L engine and electric motor, with a comprehensive maximum power of 87kw. The battery will use a new ternary lithium battery pack, and the traditional system will match CVT continuously variable transmission. As Lexus BX will be built based on Yaris cross, it is likely to adopt the same power configuration as Yaris cross, while the high-end F The sport will be equipped with four-wheel drive system.