Leading the new concept of healthy skin care

Time honored enterprises have experienced decades or even hundreds of years of commercial competition, with distinct Chinese cultural heritage and cultural background. With the transformation of enterprise system and the development of the times, many time-honored enterprises with a long history are constantly carrying out self innovation and transformation while adhering to their own characteristics, so that enterprises can continue to radiate vitality. < p > < p > as a time-honored enterprise with “lower digestive tract field” as its core positioning, Ma Yinglong has realized “transformation” by using modern technology in recent years, and has focused on the field of skin care and beauty and the development of big health industry. In order to solve the various skin puzzles faced by the public and explore the efficacy of skin care products, Xinhua health and Ma Yinglong recently held a “autumn and winter skin care sharing meeting” and invited dermatologists to share autumn and winter skin care knowledge. < / P > < p > skin is the largest organ of human body, which is located on the surface of human body and is the first line of defense for human body to contact with the external environment. With the coming of autumn and winter, the temperature turns cool, and the dry climate is easy to affect the barrier function, absorption function and sensory function of human skin to a certain extent, resulting in a series of skin problems such as roughness, dryness, desquamation and chapping. How to deal with these phenomena? At the meeting, Yu Bin, chief physician of Guanganmen Hospital of China Academy of Chinese medicine, shared the knowledge of skin care in autumn and winter. She introduced that the human skin had contracted blood vessels, reduced metabolism, reduced skin moisture and reduced skin fat content in autumn and winter. This time, skin nutrition was needed to avoid frequent, overheated bathing, enhance sun protection, and maintain skin through mask, diet, etc. < / P > < p > “in autumn and winter, we should take more care of our skin.” Yu Bin said that first of all, nutrition means that the skin protection methods include internal and external application. For the use of mask, human skin needs certain moisturizing factors. We should learn the correct way to replenish the skin. Secondly, we should not over weight loss. Long time nutritional imbalance can also cause facial yellowish. We should learn healthy ways to improve body strength; finally, no It is suggested to take frequent overheated bath, which may cause skin barrier damage. In daily life, we can use TCM conditioning and moisturizing products to comprehensively manage our skin. < p > < p > MA ningwei, deputy general manager and director of health business department of Xinhuanet industry and economy center, said that the “autumn and winter skin care sharing meeting” jointly held by Xinhua health and Ma Yinglong was aimed at discovering high-quality products in the skin care industry and paying attention to the transformation and upgrading of time-honored enterprises. As a representative of traditional enterprises, Ma Yinglong has played an exemplary role in inheritance, innovation and brand building, which is worth sharing. At the same time, as an authoritative media, Xinhua health will also use media communication means to give authoritative voice to health science popularization in a popular way, popularize health science knowledge, and help improve residents’ self-health management ability and health level. < p > < p > with 438 years of brand history, Ma Yinglong has been inheriting the ancient motto of “cultivating one’s heart with truth and cultivating oneself with diligence”. Over the past 400 years, the efficacy of Ma Yinglong Babao formula has been continuously explored. Based on the formula, Ma Yinglong Babao eye powder, Babao eye ointment, skin medicine Longzhu ointment and Ma Yinglong Babao eye cream have been developed. Wang Chunmeng, brand director of Ma Yinglong pharmaceutical, said in his speech that Ma Yinglong will actively expand the big health industry in the future, and introduce more functional cosmetics, functional health care products and functional care products that consumers need. < p > < p > talking about the differentiation characteristics of Ma Yinglong’s big health industry, Wang Chunmeng introduced that, firstly, Ma Yinglong made great health by the preciseness of making medicine, with guaranteed quality; secondly, Ma Yinglong emphasized the functionality of the product, and paid attention to the application of Babao formula in the field of general health, with guaranteed efficacy; thirdly, the product emphasized internal adjustment and external cultivation, and comprehensive conditioning. < / P > < p > it is reported that a “skin care practice class for beauty experts” was also set up on the site of the activity. In view of skin dryness, skin care products selection and other aspects, beauty experts answered questions one by one for the audience and shared skin care knowledge.