Launch 7 configurations, Volkswagen id.3 open for booking on October 22

A few days ago, e-Car learned from overseas media that Volkswagen id.3 will open in the UK market on October 22, and the new car will have seven configurations, with a starting price of about 260000 yuan (29990 pounds). < / P > < p > id.3 life models are equipped with cloth seats with armrests, infotainment system package with 10 Inch Touch screen, navigation system, Bluetooth and digital radio, as well as pure black interior. It also includes comfort kits, power folding mirrors with projection lights, automatic anti glare mirrors and rain sensing wipers, heated seats and heated steering wheel. < / P > < p > id.3 business models are priced at 33720 (about 293000 RMB), and design kits are added, including LED matrix headlights and LED tail lights with dynamic light assisted animation, dynamic LED light belt at the front, interior atmosphere lights and rear privacy glass. It also adds a suite of auxiliary features, including a rear view camera, keyless entry and illuminated door handles. < / P > < p > id.3 family costs 34650 (about 301000 RMB) and is based on a package with dual zone air conditioning, variable trunk floor and 1300mm long panoramic skylight. The id.3 style, without dual zone air conditioning and variable luggage compartment floor, costs 34180 (about 297000 RMB). < / P > < p > id.3 tech is priced at 36190 (about 314000 RMB), and the style model is added with augmented reality head up display, upgraded audio system and safety kits, such as travel cruise assist, side blind area assist and emergency brake assist. < / P > < p > id.3 max, priced at 38220 (about 332000 RMB), is the top product of 58kw model, with the functions of family and tech model, adding 12 way electric front seats with lumbar support and massage function, sports suspension and progressive steering system. < / P > < p > id.3 tour is priced at 39290 (about 341000 RMB), with 201 HP motor power, 77kwh battery capacity and 336 miles (about 540 km) range. The fast charging power is increased from 100kW to 125KW after 7.9 seconds of 0-100km / h acceleration. This means that 30 minutes of fast charging can get 350 km of power. < / P > < p > tour models are equipped with 19 inch wheels as standard and 20 inch wheels as optional. All other models come with 18 inch rims as standard, and 19 or 20 inch rims are available. There are also options such as heat pump and bicycle frame. < / P > < p > the entry-level prue model is equipped with 45kwh battery, and the final price is expected to be 27500 pounds (about 238000 yuan) after subsidy in the UK market. Around the start, while the entry-level 45 kwh pure version is on the market before government subsidies.