Kunming Pharmaceutical Group joins hands with Hanguang pharmaceutical to implement “two wheel drive” strategy

On January 18, Kunming Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. and Guangzhou Hanguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. held a celebration ceremony of strategic cooperation in Guangzhou, which is an important start to accelerate the integration of capital, products and team. On December 29, 2020, Kunming Pharmaceutical Group announced that the company plans to make strategic investment in Hanguang pharmaceutical in the form of capital increase, with an investment amount of 30 million yuan. After the capital increase, the company holds 3.0795 million shares of Hanguang pharmaceutical, accounting for 6.98% of the total shares of Hanguang pharmaceutical. < / P > < p > founded in 2005, Hanguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is an innovative pharmaceutical enterprise integrating high-end drug R & D, import and marketing. It has the exclusive commercial rights of imported products and the marketing license holder, and holds the leading products of specialty drugs. Both sides are committed to jointly building the “small and beautiful” specialty pipeline strategy. Meanwhile, the retail channel series products of Hanguang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. and Kunming Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd The key retail channels are highly collaborative. In his speech, Zhong Xianggang, President of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group, said: “with the deepening of medical reform and the upgrading of health demand, pharmaceutical enterprises are facing new choices in the environment of client, retail and new technology, and also ushering in new development opportunities. Hanguang pharmaceutical and Kunming Pharmaceutical Group can promote the industry to a higher level from the front-end innovation and R & D, industrial production, accessibility guarantee and professional services < p > < p > Wu Shenglong, vice president of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group, is full of expectations for the cooperation between the two sides: “Hanguang pharmaceutical has strategically positioned the company as a high-end innovative product, aiming at enriching clinical treatment methods and choices, and meeting urgent and urgent clinical needs, which is very consistent with the development goal of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group’s transformation from traditional Chinese medicine and green plant medicine to high barrier generic and innovative drugs; in the future, both sides will cooperate with each other We will work together to accelerate the commercial transformation of innovative products, so that doctors, patients and society can benefit more. ” < / P > < p > in this cooperation, Hanguang pharmaceutical and Kunming Pharmaceutical Group will give full play to their complementary advantages, continue to cultivate “prescription retail” resources and channels, enlarge academic promotion capacity, extend a broader business network, greatly enhance the market penetration of innovative products in and out of hospital, meet the unmet clinical needs, and benefit Chinese patients with more high-quality innovative drugs. < p > < p > Yao Qing, chairman and general manager of Hanguang pharmaceutical, said in his speech that the social health needs are constantly iterative, and the new industrial ecology pays attention to value symbiosis. Guided by the value goal of “letting people in need use real good medicine”, the company will strengthen its confidence, rely on strong partners as the backing, and consolidate the foundation of enterprise innovation. “Hanguang pharmaceutical has realized the layout of Omni channel and all terminal industrial chain, got rid of the fragility of single product pipeline, gradually realized strategic upgrading, established” product is king “and” sales is king “, and concentrated on building” Weikuang “trump brand category, greatly enhancing the popularity of enterprises and products in multiple channels.”