Kunming Pharmaceutical Group IDH1 selective inhibitor approved by nmpa clinical trial

Recently, “ky1000001”, an innovative drug of Kunming Pharmaceutical Group for the treatment of solid tumors with isocitrate dehydrogenase-1 gene mutation, has been approved by the State Drug Administration, which means that the new drug has been approved for clinical trials in China. The approval of ky100001 new drug is a new breakthrough in the field of cancer treatment, which marks the company’s active layout of innovative drugs and continuous promotion of strategic layout in the field of anti-tumor drug research and development. The new drug applied for IDH1 clinical trial by Kunming Pharmaceutical Group is ky1000001 tablets independently developed. It is a selective inhibitor for solid tumors with IDH1 gene mutation, and its indications are solid tumors with IDH1 gene mutation, including but not limited to intrahepatic cholangiomas. IDH is a rate limiting enzyme involved in the energy metabolism of cells in human body. Studies have shown that accumulation of intracellular carcinogenic metabolites caused by IDH mutation promotes tumor development, while nearly one fifth of patients with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma carry IDH1 mutation. As a high-profile anti-tumor drug research and development field, a number of IDH1 inhibitors are being developed in the world. The small molecule IDH1 inhibitor currently on the market is ivosidenib developed by Agios pharmaceutical, which is used to treat adult patients with relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia with IDH1 mutation. The ky1000001 tablets developed by Kunming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. were approved by drug clinical trial, taking the lead in breaking through the research and development field of IDH1 inhibitors in China, and gaining a leading edge in the subdivision track. Innovation is the driving force for the development of pharmaceutical companies. The research and development of IDH1 selective inhibitor innovative drug ky1000001 is one of the important achievements of Kunming Pharmaceutical in the field of anti-tumor drug research and development. At the same time, the company currently has a number of anti-tumor drug R & D pipelines, providing new impetus for the company’s continuous innovation and development. In recent years, Kunming Pharmaceutical has established four R & D centers in Beijing, Shanghai, North America and Yunnan, creating an efficient international R & D platform and a sustainable innovation R & D pipeline, and forming a multi-channel innovative R & D layout of traditional Chinese medicine, chemical medicine and innovative medicine, independent R & D, external cooperation, investment and M & A. In the future, Kunming Pharmaceutical will continue to deepen the field of cancer treatment, develop innovative drugs, and strive to develop into an innovation driven international pharmaceutical group focusing on niche areas and chronic disease management.