Kia plans to develop large SUVs and pickup trucks or use non load carrying bodies

According to overseas media reports, Kia, as a sub brand of Hyundai Motor Group, has been looking for opportunities to compete with Chevrolet, Ford, Toyota, Nissan and other companies in the Australian market. Kia announced its new car plan a year ago, targeting SUV and pickup truck fields. < / P > < p > won the 2020 world car of the year award. As a beneficiary, it also consolidated its position in their respective fields. However, the power and off-road capability of these vehicles are significantly lower than those of competitors. Kia Hyundai executives said new car plans were still underway, or with a non load carrying body structure. However, due to novel coronavirus pneumonia, the plan may be delayed. < / P > < p > at present, Kia Hyundai has a wide range of power system options, including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, twin turbocharged V6 or V8 engines. Taking the 3.0-liter 6-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine of modern zenith gv80 as an example, its 274 horsepower can compete with the 4-cylinder diesel engine of many Japanese models. In addition, Kia Hyundai together invested about $160 million earlier this year in electric truck manufacturer arrival, which may bring the Korean brand back to the commercial vehicle market.