Kazakhstan’s newly confirmed continuous descent will gradually resume its routes with Thailand and other countries

Among the newly confirmed cases on June 6, 478 were symptomatic and 502 were asymptomatic. Among the States and cities, Nur Sudan, the capital and Almaty, the largest city, gained momentum on that day. In terms of the cumulative number of confirmed cases, Almaty City, Nursultan city and Atyrau Prefecture are more serious. As of the 7th, 96922 cases were diagnosed and 70680 cases were cured. The Ministry of health of Kazakhstan has changed the statistics of death cases to weekly update, with a total of 1091 deaths as of 3 days.

additionally, novel coronavirus pneumonia was detected in 1424 of 6 newly diagnosed pneumonia cases but new positive coronavirus test results were negative, and 18 cases died. From August 1 to 6, 11008 cases were diagnosed and 120 cases died. According to the data previously released by Kazakh officials, more than 234000 cases of pneumonia and 3327 cases of pneumonia deaths were registered in Kazakhstan from January 1 to July 15 this year. Kazakhstan broke out in mid March and is now the country with the largest number of confirmed cases and deaths in Central Asia. Since July 28, the number of new cases has decreased slowly. Kazakh Prime Minister Ma Ming said on the 4th that the epidemic situation across the country is improving as a whole, and the anti epidemic measures in the capital and other regions still need to be strengthened. According to ha news agency, the medical department of Almaty found that eight asymptomatic patients went out without complying with the home isolation regulations. They will be fined and transferred to a designated hospital for mandatory isolation. The city’s relevant departments also check whether people wear and correctly wear masks through cameras on public transport vehicles, and punish violators in accordance with the relevant provisions of the “mask order”. According to the road Committee of the Ministry of industry and infrastructure development of Kazakhstan, Kazakhstan will gradually resume its domestic routes with Thailand and Georgia starting from the day.