Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan ease the epidemic situation, Kazakhstan will resume flights with Russia, Germany and other seven countries

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Sultan novel coronavirus pneumonia and pneumonia cases with new crown pneumonia symptoms but laboratory virus test negative were more than 117 thousand as of 13, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of health in Kazakhstan on August 13th,

, Nur, China.

data showed that novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed 517 cases, including 239 asymptomatic patients, 12. Previously, the number of newly diagnosed cases in Nursultan, the capital, Almaty and Dongha, the largest cities, dropped to less than 100. Novel coronavirus pneumonia symptoms were reported on

12, but 972 cases were negative for laboratory virus test results. The pneumonia is a novel coronavirus pneumonia in the WHO statistics. From August 1 to 12, 15732 cases of pneumonia were diagnosed and 188 cases died. In view of the fact that the epidemic situation has slowed down, Kazakhstan will lift the current strict isolation restrictions on March 17, according to the Kazakh news agency. Kazakhstan’s Ministry of industry and infrastructure development announced that it will resume international flights with the United Arab Emirates, Belarus, Germany, the Netherlands, Egypt, Ukraine and Russia from the 17th. The seven countries support the resumption of passenger flights with Kazakhstan, subject to health and epidemic prevention regulations and quarantine testing.

novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in 310 new cases in 12 Central Asian countries, Kyrgyzstan. By the 13th, 41069 cases had been diagnosed, 33288 cases had been cured and 1487 cases had died. < / P > < p > according to the data of the Ministry of health of Kyrgyzstan, the epidemic situation in Kyrgyzstan has obviously eased. In mid June, novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak rebounded. The highest number of new confirmed cases appeared on July 17, with an increase of 1654 cases in a single day. In August, the number of new cases began to decline. Since August 5, the number of newly diagnosed cases in a single day has been less than 400 for four consecutive days.