Kan Yiwei officially announced his candidacy for president of Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party: he will inherit Abe’s line

Japan’s chief cabinet secretary, Kan Yiwei, officially announced that he would take part in the election of the president of the Liberal Democratic Party that afternoon. If elected, he would succeed Shinzo Abe as Japan’s new prime minister. So far, more than 70% of the LDP members who are eligible to vote have said they will support Kan. According to the report, < p > < p > Kan Yiwei said that his policy will focus on the anti epidemic work and continue the current anti epidemic measures; in the economic aspect, he will also inherit “abenomics” and continue the good relationship with the Bank of Japan. He also introduced his life: he was born in a farm in Akita Prefecture. After graduating from high school, he went to work in a cardboard factory in Tokyo. However, the heavy physical labor made him feel very desperate, so he decided to enter the university to continue his study. After quitting his job in the factory, he worked and studied at the same time. Two years after graduating from high school, he was admitted to the University of law and politics to study law. After graduating from University, he worked in the electrical equipment company for a period of time, but after realizing that he wanted to be in politics, he became the Secretary of the representative, Junichiro Obuchi. According to the report, < p > < p > as this is an “emergency”, the Liberal Democratic Party will not vote for all its members, but will be elected by the votes of members of the Liberal Democratic Party’s Senate, the house of Representatives and representatives of all prefectural and county branches. Each of the 47 prefectural and county branches has 3 votes, a total of 141 votes, plus 396 votes from the Senate and the house of Representatives, a total of 537 votes. After confirming the candidates, the LDP will make an announcement on the 8th of this month. On the 14th, a vote will be held in the hotel in Tokyo and the new president will be confirmed on the spot. As the LDP holds a majority of seats in the Japanese Senate and the house of Representatives, its president will automatically become the prime minister. The LDP plans to hold an interim parliament on the 16th, when the new president will be elected as the new prime minister.