Joint listing of online cities

A few days ago, more than 500 officially authorized BMW dealers carried out online and offline whole network linkage, and launched the joint listing activity of “BMW 5 Series City Limited day” dealers. Offline, BMW’s official authorized dealers all over the country delivered the car synchronously; online, 10000 people watched the creative video specially created for the joint listing. < / P > < p > on the day of the event, BMW presented more than 10000 customers with five limited surprises, including limited product deduction, limited courtesy to the store and limited BMW x Montblanc joint order gift, bringing a unique luxury experience for the owners of the new BMW 5 series. < / P > < p > for a long time, BMW and its dealer partners have been working hand in hand to seek high-quality sales and sustainable win-win development. In BMW’s view, sales and after-sales service outlets all over the country are the core link of online and offline experience. “New BMW 5 Series City Limited day” joins hands with dealers to create a complete customer journey, which is another positive exploration for BMW enabling dealers to improve their marketing ability and optimize customer experience. < / P > < p > “BMW 5 Series City Limited day” integrates online and online resources to realize the whole network linkage of manufacturers and dealers, which is a successful attempt of BMW to carry out event marketing in the era of mobile Internet. Manufacturers use the most influential social platform to guide dealers, and also maximize the enthusiasm of dealers, so as to open up the landing path from online marketing to offline sales, and achieve win-win cooperation. In this process, the dealers of the whole network combine their own resources with the support of the headquarters, form a national marketing matrix by means of synchronous linkage of offline tasting, detonate the communication line, and bring ultra-high volume. The positive interaction between the two sides has also opened up the way for more mutual assistance and mutual trust marketing cooperation.