Jilin recruited 100 general practitioners for poor counties

Recently, Jilin province human resources and social security department, health and Health Commission jointly issued an announcement to recruit 100 general practitioners for 12 poor counties in Jilin Province. The examination takes the way of interview, mainly tests the professional and practical operation ability. After the service period is up to the standard, the employed personnel will be formally established in the township health centers, and the national unified wage system and standard will be implemented. < / P > < p > it is reported that all the special positions of general practitioners are set up in township health centers, and the hospitals with posts must be township hospitals with insufficient medical staff, prominent structural contradictions and vacant staff. The candidate must have the qualification of practicing physician and be qualified for clinical general practice or traditional Chinese medicine general practice, or pass the standardized training, job transfer training or job training of general practitioners recognized by the provincial health and health administrative department. The registered major of the licensed physician is internal medicine, emergency department, pediatrics, traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine One of the three conditions for the same major. < p > < p > during the service period, a subsidy of 60000 yuan per person per year will be allocated by the provincial finance department for the salary and social insurance payment of general practitioners in special posts. After the expiration of the service, if an individual is willing to continue to work in the township, the Department of human resources and social security will go through the registration procedures after assessment.