Jiangxi explores to pay after seeing a doctor by credit

Recently, the general office of Jiangxi provincial government issued the construction work plan of “ganfutong” version 4.0. The plan proposes to implant credit into the platform of “ganfutong”, build a comprehensive credit evaluation system of the whole province, gradually popularize and apply the evaluation points of “ganfutong”, and explore the scenarios of “enjoy first and pay later” such as “diagnosis and treatment first and payment later”, parking “pass first and payment later”, and accommodation “deposit free direct check-in”. < / P > < p > the province will also implement the “key group + credit” project, establish a special credit bank for key professional personnel such as housekeeping, doctors, teachers and lawyers, incorporate information such as violation of professional ethics into personal credit according to law, and apply the “ganfutong” evaluation score to all walks of life.