Jiangsu: all county level hospitals strive to create a third level hospital

Jiangsu Provincial Health Commission recently issued the “notice on doing a good job in the preparation of high quality development planning for hospitals at or above the second level in the 14th five year plan”, proposing to promote the transformation of hospitals at or above the second level from standard model development to high-quality development. During the “14th five year plan” period, we will strive to build about 10 national regional medical centers and a number of provincial regional medical centers, and county-level hospitals will be fully developed By the end of the 14th five year plan, all county-level hospitals will strive to reach the standard of three-level general hospitals. < / P > < p > the notice proposes to encourage tertiary hospitals to promote the application of new technologies represented by translational medicine, precision medicine and integrated medicine, and to build specialties such as critical care medicine, hematology, orthopedics, rheumatology and immunology, oncology, burn and plastic surgery, and rehabilitation medicine into domestic leading specialties with international influence, so as to strive to build a national medical center or comprehensive hospital National and regional medical centers. Starting from the construction of provincial, municipal, county and hospital four level treatment centers for stroke, chest pain, trauma, high-risk pregnant women and high-risk newborns, we will gradually build a diagnosis and treatment service system with up-down linkage, information connectivity, hospital linkage, multidisciplinary Association and whole process management of prevention and treatment, so as to improve the homogenization level of medical services in different levels and categories of hospitals.

“notice” requires vigorously promoting “Internet plus medical health” and building smart hospitals. By the end of 2021, all secondary hospitals will complete the upgrading of structured outpatient electronic medical record system. All tertiary hospitals will build hospital information integration platform, and about 50% of secondary hospitals will build integration platform. The third level hospital should focus on the cultivation of high-level talents, especially the leading talents and top-notch young talents; the second level hospital should be demand-oriented, establish a long-term mechanism of talent cultivation, and better motivate and stabilize excellent talents.