Japan’s self defense forces simulated using military transport aircraft to send overseas Chinese back

According to Kyodo News Agency report on December 3, Japan’s defense ministry disclosed to relevant media sources the training of evacuating Japanese nationals from the disputed areas to safe places. This is the 12th time that about 270 self-defense forces participated in the “protection of overseas Chinese” activity, which was added to the task of self-defense forces in the security related law implemented in 2016. According to the report, the exercise was held in Zhaoxia, and the Japanese Self Defense Forces simulated the expulsion of the “thugs” surrounding the Japanese school, allowing the overseas Chinese to enter the vehicle. According to Japan’s security law, weapons are allowed to be used within the reasonable and necessary limits when there are “compelling reasons” in the protection of overseas Chinese. There was no training in the use of weapons on that day, but the use of sound equipment for driving. < / P > < p > afterwards, the “overseas Chinese” took a helicopter to what was supposed to be the Baili base of the International Airport. The drill confirmed the steps for the members to let the overseas Chinese complete the personal belongings inspection and go abroad procedures, and guide them to the air transportation plane for returning home. “In the event of large-scale disasters and other emergencies in foreign countries, it is extremely important to quickly send overseas Chinese to safe areas,” he stressed