Japan’s self defense force plans to provide “weapons and other protection” to the Australian Army

Tokyo, October 19, Japanese Defense Minister Shinzo kishiko and Australian Defense Minister Linda Reynolds held talks in Tokyo on October 19. The two sides reached an agreement on the principle of “weapons and other protection” provided by the Japanese self defense force to the Australian military. According to local media reports, the defense departments of Japan and Australia will discuss this issue in the future. If it can be realized, Australia will become another target country for Japan’s self defense forces to provide “weapons and other protection” in addition to the United States. During the talks, the defense ministers of Japan and Australia also reached an agreement on aerial refueling test, joint research and development of UAVs, cooperation in aerospace and network fields, and exchange of military personnel, and said that they would continue to consult on the “agreement on the status of forces to visit”. < / P > < p > in 2016, the Japanese government approved the use of “weapons and other protection” guidelines, allowing the self defense forces to use weapons to “escort” the US Army and other forces of other countries that “contribute to Japan’s defense activities” under the “gray area situation” of “not being able to attack by force”. According to Japanese media reports, from 2017 to 2019, the Japanese self defense force provided 32 “weapons and other protection” to the US military. Japanese media also pointed out that expanding the target country of “weapons and other protection” may increase the risk of Japan’s involvement in armed conflict.