Japan’s next generation fighter or a hybrid of F-22 and F-35?

According to foreign media reports, Japan and the United States will jointly develop F-2 follow-up models. The new fighter, which may be called the F-3 or F-X, is expected to come out as a successor to Japan’s well-known F-2 fighter. According to Japan’s Yomiuri Shimbun on December 12, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will be mainly responsible for the development of the follow-up aircraft of the Japanese air self defense force F-2 fighter, and the Japanese government intends to choose Lockheed Martin of the United States to provide technical assistance. The F-35, the latest U.S. stealth aircraft purchased by Japan’s defense ministry, was developed by Lockheed Martin. The Japanese government believes that the above decision will help strengthen the Japan US alliance. About 70 billion yen of related development funds will be included in the budget of next year. In addition to developing F-35 fighter, Lockheed Martin also developed F-22 fighter, which is known as “the strongest in the world”, claiming to have world-class technical strength. It is reported that the Japanese government has decided to introduce about 90 aircraft to replace the F-2, which will be retired in 2035, with a total development expenditure of 1 trillion yen. In October, it signed a contract with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, and locked Lockheed Martin, Boeing and British aerospace systems as enterprises providing technical support. The report points out that in order to maintain the technology of Japan’s domestic defense industry, the engine is planned to be produced by Ishikawa daimo heavy industry group, and the engine body is planned to be produced by Subaru company. Lockheed Martin will undertake the integration of body systems, stealth technology and so on. The Japanese government will cooperate with British Aerospace Systems in parts development. In addition, Lockheed Martin may help Japan design and manufacture a new stealth fighter, according to a report on the website of national interest bimonthly on December 12. This progress is clearly in preparation for some interesting and innovative new aviation technologies, which may be designed to take advantage of some of the existing properties of the F-35 and F-22 fighters. < / P > < p > Japan is a strong ally of the United States, and its F-35 fleet is growing. Lockheed Martin has been working with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries as a junior partner to produce a new platform for the next decade, a Japanese newspaper reported. “Lockheed Martin’s involvement as a junior partner in development is expected, as it has previously proposed a hybrid design based on its F-35 and F-22 fighters,” Reuters reported. In October this year, Japan’s defense ministry let Mitsubishi Heavy Industry undertake the main task. ” The new fighter, which may be called F-3 or F-X, is expected to come out as a follow-up to Japan’s well-known F-2 fighter, according to the report. The F-2 was also designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries and Lockheed Martin. < / P > < p > what might this F-3 look like? Is it possible for it to take stealth capabilities, sensors and weapons to new heights with advanced technology? At least some people are talking about ways to integrate the advantages of the F-22 and F-35 into one platform. According to the report, a fighter platform will combine the supersonic cruise capability similar to the F-22, air-to-air combat advantages and the versatility similar to the F-35 in an optimal way, which will open up a new world in the field of air combat.