Japan’s Kansai Airport strengthens disaster prevention and epidemic prevention system

Kyodo News Agency reported on September 3 that the 21st typhoon “Feiyan” in 2018 caused the Kansai Airport to be flooded. It will be two years before the 4th. Kansai Airport Company, the airport operator, is improving and strengthening the revetment, and rapidly promoting relevant countermeasures in terms of hardware. The novel coronavirus epidemic will continue to expand, and the company will also focus on the new issue of epidemic prevention. In view of this year’s No. 10 typhoon “Poseidon” is expected to be close to the West Japan region, the person in charge and others discussed the future response at Kansai Airport on the 3rd. < / P > < p > the high waves caused by Typhoon “Feiyan” crossed the revetment, and the runway and power supply equipment were flooded. Not only that, the bridge connecting the opposite bank was also collided by the oil tanker drifting in the strong wind. At one point, the airport was forced to close and about 8000 passengers were trapped. Covid-19,

although the flooding strategy is steadily advancing, the new crown disease has cast a shadow over the operation of KansaiApt Airport. International and domestic routes have continued to decrease by more than 90% since January compared with the same period last year, and there is no sign of recovery. The cost of the countermeasure project is estimated to be about 54.1 billion yen. The airport related people said anxiously: “I don’t know whether the rebound of passengers after the completion is enough to recover the investment.”