Japan’s defense budget applied for “nine consecutive rises”

Tokyo September 30 Japan’s defense ministry decided on September 30 that the defense budget application amount in 2021 was 5489.8 billion yen, an increase of 3.3% over the defense budget in 2020. If the application is approved, Japan’s defense budget will increase for nine consecutive years. In Japan’s defense budget, 72.4 billion yen and 35.7 billion yen will be used to support the newly added space field and network security field, and 124.7 billion yen will be used for ballistic missile defense. < / P > < p > in the space field, Japan’s Ministry of defense will allocate new optical telescopes to monitor UFOs in space, and will increase the design and development required for monitoring satellites, with a total cost of 21.1 billion yen. < / P > < p > in the field of network security, Japan’s defense ministry will mobilize three members of the sea, land and air, and set up a new “self defense force network security defense force” with about 540 people. It has been reported by Japanese media that Japan’s economy has been in a serious downturn this year, and the new crown epidemic has not yet ended. In this case, such a high defense budget application may not be able to gain the understanding and support of the public. According to the Ministry of finance of Japan on the 30th, in addition to the high amount of defense budget applications, the new crown epidemic situation and various disaster prevention and mitigation budgets are increasing. The total government budget in 2021 is likely to exceed 100 trillion yen, which will reach a new high.