Japanese opinion poll: 34% of Japanese think Shi pomao is suitable to be the next prime minister

According to Kyodo news on August 31, in view of the resignation of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, a national emergency telephone public opinion survey conducted by Kyodo News Agency on August 29 and 30 showed that 34.3% of the interviewees thought that the next prime minister was Shi bomao, former Secretary of the Liberal Democratic Party, accounting for the largest proportion; then the chief housing officer, Kan Yiwei, was 14.3%, and the defense minister, taro Kono, was 13.6%. < / P > < p > this shows that when competing with Abe in the LDP presidential election in 2018, Shi Po, who has a good performance by relying on local votes such as Party members, is quite expected. The question about the right candidate for the next prime minister listed the names of 10 LDP members. The fourth is environmental Minister Koizumi, with 10.1%, and the fifth is president of government affairs investigation, Mr. Kishida, with 7.5%. 15.1% answered “do not know or do not answer”. < / P > < p > the abilities that the next prime minister most hopes to have are “leadership ability”, “explanatory ability for the people” and “honesty and modesty”. The top priorities of the new cabinet are “new crown strategy”, “economic situation and employment”, “pension, medical care and nursing”.