Japanese media: two Mauritian ministers charged for poor response to oil spill accident

According to Kyodo news agency of Japan reported on the 23rd that a large number of oil spills from Japanese freighters off the coast of Mauritius, senior officials of the private maritime security company demanded that the shipping minister modu and the environment minister ramano be held responsible and filed a lawsuit on the ground that the relevant departments of Mauritius did not take adequate measures to prevent the collision and oil leakage, Japan’s Kyodo News Agency reported on the 23rd. Two officials were summoned to the court and some residents demanded their resignation. < / P > < p > it is the person in charge of the company that protects the ship from the accident or incident. According to the indictment, the freighter owned by kaempu steamship of Okayama Prefecture and leased by Mitsui, a merchant ship, entered the territorial sea without permission from the Mauritian authorities. The freighter deviated from the normal route about 100 kilometers away from the island of Mauritius and almost approached the island directly, Reuters reported on the 21st, based on satellite data from private enterprises. The local media also reported that the local authorities had issued a warning before hitting the reef, but the freighter did not respond. The person in charge claimed in the indictment that the authorities were constantly urged to deal with the approaching of the freighter, which was “in vain”. The authorities may not have paid enough attention to the reminders of the person in charge. Modu and ramano were summoned to court on the 21st. Local video shows that ramano, who left the court, was surrounded by a large number of residents shouting “resign”. He left quickly. Opposition parties have also raised demands for accountability.