Japanese media: from next month, the U.S. military will deploy 16 additional f-35bs at the Iwate base in Japan

According to Kyodo news agency of Japan on September 28, Miyagawa Jun, head of the local adjustment section of Japan’s defense ministry, met with shohiro Fujida, director of the general affairs department of the Yamaguchi Prefecture Government on the 28th, and told the US side that it would take about half a year to deploy the most cutting-edge stealth fighter F-35B to the Iwate base from October. < / P > < p > the U.S. military will upgrade 12 f / A-18 combat attack aircraft of the Marine Corps to 16 F-35B in phases. Miyagawa said that in order to focus on the transition work, the deployed f / A-18 fighters will be stopped and 12 f / A-18 troops will be dispatched from the United States mainland. Miyagawa explained that during the transition period, the number of US aircraft in the base will increase, but “will not affect the surrounding living environment.”.