Japanese media: estimated economic loss of 140 million yen

Novel coronavirus Miyamoto Katsuhiro, Kansai, Japan, according to the Kyodo news agency, according to the Japan’s Kyodo news agency, November 12th, estimates released by the 10, according to the estimates released by the Japanese University of Kyoto on November 12th, were affected by the expansion of the new coronavirus. If the Olympic Games and Paralympic Games were simplified in Tokyo, the economic losses would be about 1 trillion and 389 billion 800 million yuan. < / P > < p > it is understood that this estimate takes into account the economic losses caused by delays and simplification. Among them, the loss caused by the delay is estimated to be about 640.8 billion yen. In addition, due to simplified measures such as limiting spectators, the total loss of economic effects during the Olympic Games and the economic effects of the Olympic heritage is estimated to be about 749 billion yen. According to Miyamoto’s estimation, if the Olympic Games are cancelled, the economic loss will be as high as 4.5 trillion yen. “Although it’s the best to hold it on a regular basis, it’s a second best option not only for Japan, but also for the world, I think,” he said Previously, according to the Central News Agency, Tokyo Olympic Games and Paralympic Games will be postponed to 2021, which is expected to increase hundreds of billions of yen. The organizing committee estimates that the simplified plan, including adjustment of layout and personnel costs, will reduce expenditure by more than 20 billion yen.