Japanese gymnast hangping naimura infected with new coronavirus

Tokyo, October 29, the president of the International Gymnastics Federation, Shoucheng Watanabe, revealed here on the 29th that Japanese gymnast hangping naimura was confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus in a recent test, but he did not show any symptoms. Mr. Watanabe revealed the news of neimura infection at an online press conference on the same day. He has been training at Japan’s National Training Center recently to prepare for the four nation gymnastics competition on November 8. Watanabe said Nakamura’s condition is very stable and he will test again on November 4 or 5. If the result is negative, he will still participate in the four nation gymnastics competition. The other three countries participating in the competition are China, Russia and the United States. The infection of naimura hangping is undoubtedly a great blow to the preparation of the four countries gymnastics competition and the Tokyo Olympic Games, because this competition is not only the first international gymnastics competition held in Japan since the outbreak of the epidemic, but also the first real international sports competition held in Japan since the postponement of the Olympic Games. It has a great symbolic significance for the preparation of the Tokyo Olympic Games Righteousness. “We will make the prevention of virus infection a top priority and hope to support the Tokyo Olympics with a successful competition,” Watanabe said last week Junichiro Watanabe also said on the same day that the Japanese team only found one positive case of naimura hangping. Once the virus is found in the Japanese team, the whole team is likely to withdraw from the four nation competition, but even so, the competition will continue. The epidemic prevention situation in Japan is still grim. On the 29th, 306 new cases were confirmed in Japan, including 221 cases in Tokyo, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to more than 100000. The number of confirmed cases in Tokyo has exceeded three digits for 10 consecutive days, and it is the first time that more than 200 cases have been confirmed since October 24.