Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiwei: Japan’s tourism industry is on the brink of death

According to Kyodo news on August 24, Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Kan Yiwei disclosed at a press conference on August 24 that the government’s tourism support project “go to travel” implemented as part of the economic stimulus policy was launched on July 22, and has utilized at least 2 million people in about a month. < / P > < p > it is reported that a total of 10 new coronal infections were found in registered hotels and hotels, which were at a low level. Among them, “go to travel” was used by 1 person. “We will listen to experts’ opinions as needed and continue to use them properly,” Mr Kan said For the project, there are also criticisms that the movement of personnel may lead to the spread of the epidemic, but Kan Yiwei reiterated the necessity, saying “it is in a state of dying”.